Cyd Charisse (hollywood_legs) wrote in the_mgm_lot,
Cyd Charisse

this is really incredible - it tells me exactly who I am O_o technology is really something, huh? if you want to know what your name means, visit this site:


You're in dire need to be understood, approved, and appreciated. And your sorrow is immense when you think you've displeased those whose esteem for you is somewhat your reason for living. Being a tender, sensitive soul, a charming personality, you attach the greatest price to the opinion of others. This can render you sensitive to flattery; this can also at times incite you to a kind of inconsequence inasmuch — in order to preserve harmony with persons of your near circle — as you refrain from asserting yourself and as your passive tolerance finally results in certain compromising.

You're mostly moved by altruistic, idealistic, or philanthropic tendencies. Beauty under all its forms attracts you whereas violence and disorder appall you. As a general rule, people bearing this first name are those who act with heart and discernment, who strive to live well, who like their neighbors and sincerely want to make this world better. They also have a very serene attitude toward death and the beyond.

You like people as they are — with their qualities as well as their defects, their greatnesses as well as their weaknesses. Gentle, affable, easy to live with, you know how to lend an attentive year to others and if necessary to give them judicious counsel.

Perspicacity is probably your most striking character trait. Endowed with a penetrating and subtle mind, you enjoy a direct access to the heart of things. Thus you regularly hit upon ideas of genius or fantastic visions. Always in advance on your times, you often appear as quite a character, at times as an eccentric, and sometimes create a scandal, being a victim of the misunderstanding of your entourage.

One could however reproach you for your excessive vanity. You like to take care meticulously of your appearance, you dress yourself with style and ostentation, you use and abuse perfumes and other tricks. Your exaggeration in elegance and your narcissism constitute one of the clearly negative aspects of your personality.

You've a constant need to express yourself, to meet new faces, or quite simply to dream, and could not adapt yourself to routine or a strict discipline.

There exist in you sure tendencies to morbid introspection and to depression. You could be hardly conscious of them, or else they could not have until now had an occasion to manifest themselves. But an unhappy combination of circumstances could cause them to emerge and cause havoc.
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