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Hi [Tuesday, Oct. 21/08 - 22:31PM]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi everyone,

I'm new (to LJ and this community) and the reason i have joined is to find out whether there is anyone else of my age who loves Greta Garbo. I must have been about 12 when i saw her in Ninotchka for the first time. now I am 15 and i absolutely adore her. Whenever I tell people my age that i like her, they never know who she is. It's so frustrating! I just wondered whether there was anyone else like me, or anyone my age who likes another classic movie star. Please let me know if you do!


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Hearst Castle [Sunday, Oct. 7/07 - 11:01AM]

Hi! It's Erin, the girl obsessed with Marion Davies and Hearst Castle. A few months ago for my birthday, my boyfriend took me on tour 3 of the Enchanted Hill. It was amazing.
Here are some of the photos.Collapse )
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I thought this was relevant... [Saturday, Dec. 2/06 - 2:44AM]



Tell me if it's not allowed! ♥
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[Monday, Aug. 15/05 - 14:37PM]

this is really incredible - it tells me exactly who I am O_o technology is really something, huh? if you want to know what your name means, visit this site: http://www.asiaflash.com/names/personality_name.shtml

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Hello Everyone [Friday, Jul. 8/05 - 18:28PM]
I'm Cal. I'm new here, just joined. Love the idea for the community. I adore classic films and films and stars from MGM have always been my favorite. I find them so much more glamourous.

I'm a 15 yr old guy. I absolutely worship Joan Crawford. Have any of you read "The Golden Girls of MGM" I loved that book.

Anyway my aim screenname is JungleRed18 feel free to IM me. Or add me as a friend on lj, just comment so I can add you back!
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[Wednesday, Jun. 1/05 - 21:53PM]

Hey everyone! If you ever want to chit-chat over coffee and donuts, you can instant message me on *AIM* - my name is: SimplyCyd

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[Tuesday, May. 31/05 - 8:50AM]

From the Cradle to the StageCollapse )

I thought that was cute.
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MGM Dinner [Monday, May. 30/05 - 9:03AM]

*Sigh* Another damn MGM dinner. I hate going to those things. Oh well, the slacks are clean. I'll throw those on.

Anyone else attending?
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[Sunday, May. 29/05 - 22:43PM]

Dahlings~~~~~Major announcement here!

Cocktail party!

Yes that's right-cocktails-party-and Tallulah, you're favorite party gal. I hope to see all of you beautiful people there!!!!
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Bonjour [Sunday, May. 29/05 - 22:45PM]

Bonjour everyone, thought I'd stop by the lot and say hello. I have to get to work on The Philadelphia Story soon. I wish I had gotten Gable and Tracy! Oh well, Grant and Stewart will do.

How is everyone's movie life going?
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